Field Trips

Field trips are the ultimate educational experience, containing hands-on teaching along with a teachers manual with lesson plans, follow up lessons and listings of TN and MS state curriculum for grades K- 3.

If your choice of field trip chooses to ride ponies we request 8-10 parents per class.

Each Field trip is a private session with just your school.

Field trips are 1.5 hours

Covered Pavilion area to have lunch. We do not provide or sell any food.

Field Trips are for groups of children up to 2nd grade.


  • $10.50/child (trip does not include ponies)
  • $11.50/child (trip includes ponies) – Maximum of 50 children, up to 2nd grade.

No cost for parents or teachers.

Our staff members will guide you through the following activities:

  • Tour the Farm
  • Pet and Feed all the animals- Learn about each animal
  • Learn to ride a pony
  • Learn to milk a goat
  • Churn Butter
  • Grind Corn
  • Feed The Fish
  • Hay Ride or Train Ride
  • Pumpkin Patch (September 26- November 11)
  • Gardening (Seasonal)

Field Trip Gallery