Field Trips

Field trips are the ultimate educational experience, containing hands-on teaching along with a teachers manual with lesson plans, follow up lessons and listings of TN and MS state curriculum for grades K- 3.

If your choice of field trip chooses to ride ponies we request 8-10 parents per class.

Each Field trip is a private session with just your school.

Field trips are 1.5 hours

Covered Pavilion area to have lunch. We do not provide or sell any food.

Prices are $10.50 per child with a minimum of 35 children. No cost for parents or teachers.

Our staff members will guide you through the following activities:

  • Tour the Farm
  • Pet and Feed all the animals- Learn about each animal
  • Learn to ride a pony
  • Learn to milk a goat
  • Churn Butter
  • Grind Corn
  • Feed The Fish
  • Hay Ride or Train Ride
  • Pumpkin Patch (September 26- November 11)
  • Gardening (Seasonal)

Field Trip Gallery